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One Survivor's Story: Ralph S.

I feel great! I’m not 100% well yet, but I feel better than I have since I was 30. I owe that to Dr. Robert Copp and his Functional Medicine approach to healing.

…But, happy as I am to tell you how good I feel, it will mean a lot more when I tell you some history of what happened to me and how I got to this point.

If you have a minute, I would like to tell you what shape I was in 3 short months ago – before I lost 50 pounds, got off all my medications, and got my life back – a life that I was absolutely sure I had lost forever. I was very sick and getting sicker every day.

Here’s what I was experiencing:

My most significant symptoms, when they were the worst, were:

1. Severe vertigo. Dizziness that caused me to fall repeatedly, I was black and blue from hitting things as I fell, and bumping into things.

a. I had to rest several times a day to avoid falling over –

b. I was practically incapacitated.

2. I had Migraine headaches on the whole left side of my head and severe pain in my neck and arm.

3. The constant noise in my ear –Tinnitus – still bothers me, but it was driving me crazy – and was made worse by all the medicine I was taking.

4. I had abdominal problems: bloating, severe pain, and swelling throughout my body,

5. I suffered from night sweats,

6. I had neck pain radiating into both arms with tingling and numbness in my thumb and forefingers, caused me to drop things. I couldn’t type or hold things – I was basically non-functional and in a lot of pain.

7. I was on numerous medications prescribed by:

3 neurologists, 6 GPs, 1 Gastroenterologist, and 1 Pain management specialist

a. These included: 5 antidepressants,

b. Gabapentin (an anti seizure drug),

c. Clonopin (a nerve drug),

d. 2 different muscle relaxants,

e. Atanolol AND propranolol AND metoprol AND Lisinopril AND hydrochlorothiazide (diuretic) for my heart,

f. Simvastatin for my cholesterol,

g. Azithromycin (antibiotic),

h. Prilosec for my stomach pain,

i. Ondansetron for nausea,

j. Lots of Aleve, Advil, and Pain crèmes.

k. …And I was given nerve injections and steroids for my nerve pain,

8. I was subjected to numerous radiological studies, including:

a. x-rays,

b. CT scans: (brain scan, abdominal scan), and a

c. 3D CT scan of the cervical spine without contrast,

d. Two MRI’s of the head – each with, and without contrast – a complete duplicate of the same two MRI’s…

e. Neck and lumbar X-rays, and a

f. CT scan of the liver for a liver biopsy.

I got other treatment, also:

  1. I was referred to the Mayo Clinic, where, without any tests, they diagnosed me with liver cancer. I was scared out of my mind! Then they did a biopsy and changed their minds...
  2. I went through physical therapy – 8 weeks for my neck, arm, and finger pain and -numbness – To no avail.
  3. I went through vestibular therapy – 8 weeks – to no avail.


- All this cost tens of thousands of dollars, with no relief, whatsoever. In fact, the injections amplified my hand pain significantly, turning what was an aggravation into a total disability.

- Oh, and part of the result of all the medications was a toxic liver that required an extremely painful liver biopsy..

I was an absolute disaster – so much so that every one of my doctors released me. Some told me I was too sick for them to help me.

Fast forward to today:

- I am just finishing my third month since the worst of it, and I am now off all my medications, my vital signs are normal – actually great. My energy feels boundless, I sleep like a log without any meds, Body functions have returned to normal. Liver enzymes are normalizing, stomach pain is almost completely gone, and I’ve lost 50 pounds!

- My life is being restored, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, by Chiropractic treatments and Functional Medicine analyses and restoration protocols, which incorporate herbal supplements, diet, Yoga exercise, walking and a return to the spirituality I had as a youth. I’m in tune with my body like never before. I feel like I did in my 20’s for the fist time in 20 years.

I am a financial analyst; so, naturally, I’m interested in hard facts and “reasons why.” With Dr. Copp, I get them. I get explanations. I get education. And I don’t get shuffled like a deck of cards...

- Because of Dr. Copp’s careful analyses – using both standard medical laboratory tests and others that I had never heard of – I know by seeing hard numbers that we are treating the causes of my illnesses, rather than just chasing the symptoms and making me toxic with medications, which themselves made me measurably worse, until eventually I was hardly able to function at all.

…By now, I had put all the experience I have described, behind me – and, honestly, it was difficult and painful to go over all this again, especially in front of this camera.

However, I asked to do this because I hope that there are others out there who, because of their own situations, may need to know my story. If you are listening, maybe it will give you hope to know that there are other, way more viable options, for resolving chronic diseases than that offered by other kinds of doctors – “specialists” who look at parts of the body as if they worked independently of each other – failing to take those systems in context – failing to look for the integration of all the parts – failing, with literally terrible consequences, to consider the whole person rather than the individual parts and pieces.

Dr. Copp uses what I would call a “systems analysis” approach. By combining and involving Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Bioenergetics and laboratory analyses, along with a well-rounded understanding of nutrition – under the envelope of Functional Medicine – he looks for and finds the UNDERLYING REASONS for disease. By restoring function and balancing all the systems of the body so they work together, as they were designed to do, he allows natural healing to take place. His methods have literally given me back my life – and, more importantly, my quality of life.

You need to know that this is not a passive treatment. You have to do the work and follow the path. But when things are this bad, many of us are willing – if we just knew what to do.

Dr. Copp is a guide; he tells you exactly what to do and how to do it – AND he motivates you by explaining why you are doing it. It’s not for everybody, but it works, and I, for one, am grateful that there was someone there to guide me back, when I was lost.

Ralph, Survivor