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Dr. Robert Copp, D.C.

Dr. Robert Copp of Family Chiropractic Center in Panama City Florida

In our Chiropractic Center we do premier work on the largely misunderstood and underestimated effects of automobile accidents and other trauma. I say largely misunderstood because very few people know that they can sustain permanent injuries at collision speeds of 4 miles per hour. Therefore, they discount these accidents. Later, they often suffer badly but still don't make the connection to the accident, thinking, "it couldn't have been that bad." There is very little general knowledge of the long-term effects of automobile trauma: the blinding headaches, often misdiagnosed as “migraines;” debilitating weakness and tingling in the arms or legs; the potential for loss of taste or smell which creates eating disorders, such as sympathetically induced, cortisol-related, uncontrolled weight gain; the sinusitis and allergies; and the autoimmune disorders that often accompany the trauma of an auto accident or other serious trauma. I have studied the underlying cause for these disorders extensively for the last 18 years, and the discoveries I have made take us well beyond the usual, palliative care for these traumatic injuries and their terrible after affects.

In addition to our trauma work, we have a special, Functional Medicine center where, for the past 18 years, we care for autonomic system-related autoimmune diseases in a drugless environment. Some examples of these types of illness are stress-related: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, psoriasis, alopecia, Crohn’s disease, Addison’s disease (see testimonials), Allergies, sinusitis, ulcers, and the depression that accompanies these disorders. We do not "cure" disease; we find the cause of the dysfunction and restore it to as full working state as we can. This allows the body to heal itself. The bottom line is that, with this system of evidence-based treatment, our patients find releif and restoration of their quality of life, often when they had all but given up hope. We have had people fly thousands of miles for care in our facility, because in the patient's local area, these services are almost unknown.

If you suffer from one of these "incurable" autoimmune diseases - especially if all else has failed - give us a call and see what we have to offer. We have treated people from around the country with very good results. We just might have the answer you have been looking for.

Best of health,

Dr. Robert Copp, D.C., B.S.(medHB), CAcu
Chiropractic Physician